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Orientation Begins September 2018

Youth: Lead Justice


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CYLAB (pronounced cuh'-lab) is recruiting youth 15-18 years old or Sophomores- Seniors to be trained on the basics of the criminal justice system and community programs that are available for children in the City of Camden. This after school program will support students and also support them in their own goals. These same students will eventually redirect youth to organizations that will support their development and decrease delinquency.

Application due: September 9th, 2018

Click here for online application.

Note: Parent/Guardian must attend interview or orientation and sign a form to allow student to continue in the program.

Interviews: Will be held September 10th-13th. 

Orientation: September 18, 2018 5:30-7:30pm. Mandatory for all accepted into program. The orientation will be at Dare Academy [a part of the Riggs Center on Kaighn Ave.].

Classes meet: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 5:00-7:00pm

Last class: Second week of December

Graduation: December 2018

This program is a collaboration (CYLAB is a COLLABoration) that includes:

I Dare to Care
Rising Leaders
Young Urban Leaders

Support provided by: Camden County Youth Services Commission and CPAC


Phase 1

Youth trained about leadership, law, and business. Click LEARN MORE for application.

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Phase 2

Police and judges refer minor cases to Youth Court. Each neighborhood will have a session that meets monthly. Each youth will be assigned to join an organization, community service, and be introduced to organizations and mentors during the youth court hearing.

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Phase 3

Youth will be focused on their success at home, school, and in the community. CYLAB will work with partners to follow up.

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What Youth Leaders Learn

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1. Self Awareness 2. Introduction to teams and group dynamics 3. Conflict resolution; Thomas Killman Conflict Mode Instrument 4. Introduction to public speaking & communication skills 5. Introduction to leadership 6. Leadership styles [DiSC personality profile, Meyers Briggs] 7. Introduction to the United States Constitution 8. Introduction to the Bill of Rights 9. Introduction to Law & Justice 10. Introduction to the State of New Jersey Judiciary and criminal justice system 11. Financial literacy 12. Entrepreneurship 13. Introduction to Sociology: Stratification 14. Introduction to Sociology: Values & Norms 15. Introduction to Poverty in Urban America 16. Community Programs


  • Camden, New Jersey, United States

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Elders are similar to board members. They give advice and feedback to teens and guidance to how CYLAB operates. Elders are people that have demonstrated a proven record of success in the community.

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